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“Altamoura” is a brand for high quality high moisture semi dry Medjool Dates according to international high quality, produced by Haggan Farm and Marketed by Haggan Group L.L.C.. “Altamoura” dates comes in 3 Date Fruit sizes: Super Jumbo, Jumbo, Large, and Medium.”Altamoura” pack has am excellent design pack to meet Class A taste, and is packed in 3 different sizes: 1kgm box, half kgm box, and 3 Medjool Date Fruit in a Pyramid Shape (65-100gm). The later targets mainly rich nutritional weight loss diet, energy booster, followers of Sunnah, and corporate gifts and promotions.

“Altamoura” food safety was second to none in all phases or production: pre- and post-harvest. We made sure “Altamoura” meets all local and international food safety standards. The same pursuit was well thought of when choosing food ready packing materials and processes.

“Altamoura” (Class A/B) specifications:

  • Dark Color Semi Dry Medjool Dates
  • Resonable degree of skin wrinkles for semi dry Medjool Date
  • Date Fruit Skin Separation below 10%
  • Date Fruit Skin Defects below 5%
  • Internal moisture level 26-35%
  • Date Fruit Capsule is at 85%
  • No Residuals in Date Fruit: 0%
  • Completely Insect free Date Fruit

Health Benefits of 3 Daily Dates

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